As someone who is not a gun owner, I have some questions about the tragedy in Idaho.

While I don't yet have a license to carry a concealed pistol, I am familiar with the related laws and common, safe procedures which most responsible CCW holders follow. Hopefully I will be able to answer your questions to your satisfaction.

  1. Most handguns designed for concealed carry are also designed to be carried with a round in the chamber, usually with a manual safety engaged, or some type of internal safety, or maybe a combination of both. (Glock pistols have 3 safeties in total, but I'll get to this later) This is because speed is critical in a self-defense situation, and time spent chambering a round could be time wasted. Seconds count.

  2. I've been looking through several articles but have been unable to find out the make and model of the pistol. Apparently, the toddler just grabbed the pistol and fired it once. If the child retrieved and fired the weapon that quickly, it's safe to say she kept the safety off. Based on my experience with infants, some of 'em can be really strong and have fine motor skills, so they could figure out how to flip off a safety. It's just a lever with two positions, after all.

  3. I'm a guy, so I have no experience with these new-fangled purses designed for concealed carry. IMO they're a terrible idea; just a stupid novelty marketed to our fellow gals, and besides, it's very easy to lose a purse or have it stolen. It's strongly recommended that you keep your concealed pistol on your person at all times, so that you, and only you, have control of it.

As for a zipper vs snap, I've seen toddlers open and close both devices easily. See above.

  1. Like I said earlier, on-person carry is the most secure. She probably used the purse to avoid offending the person that gave it to her. Feel real sorry for that poor soul right now.

How you carry all depends on things like climate, season, body type, etc. Literally anything you can think of that would interfere with carrying a concealed handgun probably does, but the people I've talked to carry in a shoulder holster under their shirt, or in specially made holsters near their waist.

  1. I own several firearms, and most of them have trigger locks because I have a designated carbine for self-defense at home. That one does not have a trigger lock, but I have another way of storing it securely with minimal interference, if I would have to bring it into action quickly.

Placing a trigger lock on the only firearm you own would defeat the purpose, especially for daily carry. For home defense, I'd look at getting a nice gun safe instead; much easier to gain access this way. (Key for safe vs key for a small lock on a small area of a pistol-which is easier to open?)

I know it's a complicated answer, but I tried to show how using a long gun for defense is different than using a pistol. Carrying a shotgun into wal Mart is stupid and impractical.

  1. See no. 4. Of course, I'm probably wrong with that answer, so here's my general answer for when these incidents happen:

Most of us are very responsible, level-headed people, but we are still human beings and make mistakes. Truth is, this accident could've happened to anyone. Children (and toddlers especially) are fascinated with anything they can touch/play with. She made the mistake of not realizing this when she put the gun in the purse. The other kids she was with could have found the gun, played with it, and made it go off. Even if she had concealed the gun on her person, the toddler could have still reached into her shirt/clothing/whatever and fired the weapon.

It's always a tragedy when someone dies. I wish this had not happened, but it did, and there is little I can do to help except offer thoughts and prayers.

If I had to take a child shopping and had a CCW, I'd think twice before carrying while shopping. How feisty/curious is the kid? Can he talk yet? Walk? Does he have a temper? Am I REALLY in that bad an area?

If you made it through this long, rambling post, thanks for reading. Hope I helped.

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