As someone who retired from csgo to play competitive Fortnite, I regret it. Praise Valve, there's way worse devs out there!

Lol you're talking about the game that's literally built for casual play. There is no skill ceiling in CS. The skill ceiling is very visible in fortnite. I've played a few games of fortnite and aim alone won me 90% of those games. Sure the building mechanic would take a little practice to get used to but you can't possibly think that Fortnite comes close to CS in any manner when it comes to skill. Seriously? As a person with supposed 3k elo on faceit, a high lvl 10 on face it? 3k elo is on par with a player like oBo, and you're telling me that you couldn't out aim to win against people just building in fortnite? I call bullshit. Cause fortnite was a cake walk for me and I'm smfc with a faceit elo at it's max coming close to 1650. I've seen pro fortnite and it's nothing special or competitive in the sense that CS is.

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