As someone with both ESO and FFXIV, what does Neverwinter offer that I can't already get?

In short, people are one of the following when they are calling it P2W. A) Too stupid to open a menu and see that there are ways to convert in the game currencies to the real money currency. In which their IQ is so low, that them not playing is more of a blessing to those that do anyways. They'd be a burden or expect to just be carried through content. It's literally in the first tab and marked clear as day what the function does. Astral Diamonds are ridiculously easy to earn in the game. I converted and got 700 Zen worth just from my last few dungeon runs and doing invoking every time it was available. You can get 10k a day just from running a dungeon 2x in a period that takes half an hour or less. B) Trolls that mommy/daddy/guardian never loved enough as kids, so they seek attention on social media to feel some sense of worth. It'll never go away. C) People repeating crap others have said and they have read, yet they've never played the game. It has its flaws yes, but the mass majority of the things people are saying about the game are wrong. As for the frame dips at times in the city, simple solution, change the damn instance and it runs flawless if you go to a less populated one. It only takes about 30 seconds or less to do. The better things can be gotten in the game, half the real money items are completely worthless and just cosmetic. You don't realisticly need more than 2 character slots. Backpacks can actually be gotten in the game, and you'll get enough to not need to purchase any assuming you aren't hoarding useless items or junk. You only need appearence change tokens if you goofed around and didn't make a character you will like in the long run. I mean half or more like I said is just useless. I'm sorry for the rant, I'm just sick of seeing so much wrong information posted on here daily as facts. The main problem is it's not in the circle jerk community. It's not GTA, Witcher 3, Rocket League, or any of the other games people pretend are the only games in existence.

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