As someone with braces, I get this a lot

I'm in college, and have braces on for the second time. I'm 20-years-old and have spent a fourth of my life in braces. The main problem is that I have an overbite that my first orthodontist ignore so now I'm on round two. I paid for full treatment (top and bottom braces) for a discounted price of $5200, but when I came in to get my braces put on my orthodontist said "they were out of bottom brackets". Wat.

Two years down the road they have still not put on my bottom braces (I know I should've said something but they already didn't really listen to me because college), and my treatment was supposed to take between 18 and 24 months. I go to the dentist 2 weeks ago and my dentist was absolutely shocked to find out I had my braces for two years because they looked like they had just been put on. I was given the card of another local orthodontist and went in for an evaluation which meant they had to call my current ortho to get my records. My current ortho nearly shit himself and then decided to actually look at my case and see that I had paid for full treatment, and offered to Redford half of my treatment because "I don't need bottom braces". Consultation which new ortho said you HAVE to have bottom braces in order to fix an overbite. Go to current ortho and he just so happens to do a thorough examination of my teeth only to say that I do need bottom braces, and he wanted to put them on right then. I ended up telling them I'm moving to the new ortho and want my refund. New ortho is super nice and is taking over my entire case for the refund I'm getting from my old ortho plus $500 for a year of treatment. So right now I'm currently waiting to get my check from shit ortho. And I personally haven't been the cause of any elongated treatment by not doing what they've said, in fact they never had anything that required me to keep up with. I'm sure orthos are great people but man I've had shit luck with them.

TL;DR Have had braces a fourth of my life due to negligent orthodontists, going on to my third one next week for another year of treatment.

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