Someone's mom is totally using you as a bad example for her kids.

I can only imagine how often this has happened.

I'm a regular weed smoker and I do it in public sometimes (where I live it's allowed so dw) and many a family comes by the parks me and my friends smoke in. Needless to say a lot of angry looks have been tossed our way. I can only imagine what people think of me and my friends. It's truly a shame that some people don't think of what we could be and immediately jump to conclusions because they see us smoking. Meanwhile I'm on a robotics team with which I built a world championship winning robot, I'm doing a university level education and work a job at a big tech company while I've only spent 20 years on this dirtball. If only people would put down their prejudice once in a while.

I truly believe that most of the parents that look at me in disgust because I smoke weed couldnt be prouder of who I am and am becoming if they were my parents. It doesn't matter in the end tho, I'm proud of me and that's what counts.

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