So someone's view botted me. (i didn't want for it or asked)

Today on stream I asked my chat to bump my stream in discords they are in because im 1 follower of 1150. One of my viewers linked my stream in a discord that had a view botter in it. He then proceeded to ask the botter to bot me. I never wanted this at all. He did this of his own free volition and i did not want him to do this. I did not want these fake viewers. If anything happens I'm letting everyone know in advance that i did not ask for this. I've talked to this viewer and have since told why it's wrong. So i want to know how to avoid repercussions as this wasn't intended and i didn't want it / do it on my own accord. I hope twitch understands this because this jeopardizes my channel (main source of income atm) and position in my org.

So how did you know you were view botted? this whole story sounds like a "My friend did it, i didn't do it, no bannerino plz".

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