Something just happened to me that's brand new and utterly terrifying.

It's hard to say what happened to you, but I want to assure you that your subconscious is not trying to end your life on your behalf. That isn't how the subconscious mind works.

I'm not sure what triggered it but you've clearly had a memory blank / lost time happen. This can happen for a number of reasons, sometimes over-medicating, mixing medications, drinking and mixing medications, the list can go on. Because you lost the time which would answer what exactly happened it's anyone's guess. What is for certain is that by the time you came to you were behaving in a way that made the situation worse. You essentially, unwittingly, made yourself loopy and in keeping with that state of being you behaved in a way that was completely outside of your norm, or even your desire. For that period of time you were forced to be a passenger in your own body.

It is also possible that for the five hours you don't recall you were 'sleep walking.' It's not unheard of and people do some proper strange shit when they are in that odd state between consciousness and unconsciousness.

When these things happen you should always make a visit to your treating doctors as soon as possible. Get some blood tests done, get a checkup and consult your psychiatrist about the potential for this to have been triggered by side-effects.

For the next week or so make sure you aren't keeping any liquor in the house. Also make sure that your medications are placed somewhere that can be locked up and place the key somewhere safe, like in a draw.

Make sure your doors are all locked and your house keys are also placed somewhere you'd only be able to reach in a conscious state. (This basically means anywhere that isn't immediately easy to get to).

All of that should be enough to prevent a repeat of what went on.

Get to those doctors ASAP. Best of luck.

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