Something strange happens

That's what a roll is the first couple of times you do it..

first you drop.... then you wait.. you think "is this shit even working?" then you notice a shift happening... everything.. is so vivid. the colors, the sounds (especially if youre in the club) everything is coming together. Your heart rate is rising. you're getting EXTREME amounts of energy... it's IMPOSSIBLE to feel this way.. then is stops. Your sober again. You're like, "what just happened? Is it over?" You look at how much time passed... only 15 minutes?

Before you know it, it's starting again, but wait, this time, it's even stronger. More intense bursts of energy, my eyes, why are they wiggling like this? At this point your heart is beating very fast, you're sweating, you feel VERY hot, like so hot, you actually think you may die. These people around me, who are they? They're all... they are like... demons? You're starting to get light headed.. you think you are about to feint. It's getting darker, no, you don't want to die. You beg God for one last chance, "I will never do this again....., please just one more chance" "so this is what dying feels like," and bam, its over. You start to feel normal again. The intensity is dissipating, you are washed with joy because you legit thought you were going to die, but you didn't. It's the greatest feeling in the world. That was the peak. You didn't die. A feeling of joy washes over you. You have one more chance. You are still wide awake, that's the amphetamine part, but the "magic" is over. You're going to want to fuck anything that walks.

That was my experience the first ~10-15 times I did X/Molly/MDA, each time was 180+ mg in one dose, sometimes a redose. Almost each time was pretty similar to that. Some rolls were stronger, some weaker, some longer, some shorter, but they followed that general blue print. Afterwords you just got a burst of energy, and you kinda know what to expect so its less fun, but its still probably the funnest thing you can do on a night out.

Fuck I miss popping X. I don't miss what it did to my brain though. Trust me its better to never do this stuff ever again. You will get anxiety, depression, etc. Even the people who say they don't, do. They just don't notice it. But people around them do.

what can i do? is it dangerous?

It's a drug that leaves permanent damage even after one use. There is nothing you can do about it. Either have fun and party it up or live like a pussy and don't experience it. I wish I went with the "live like a pussy" part

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