Something to wrestle w/-sable

tbf he's not far off when he's trashing Meltz for his Sable comments. Calling her an aging stripper in her prime (hell she looked pretty good in her later years too)? Let me explain something to you, and being dead serious. If you were a wrestling fan in the 90s, you jerked off to Sable. Or Sunny. Or both. She got a LOT of eyes on their product. If you want to call it smutty or whatever, guess what? That was the state of television at the time. Call it what you will, it sold. She was hot. Using a hot female to attract customers? Who ever thought of this madness!!?!?!?!?

So what if she couldn't wrestle? She wasn't a wrestler. She's not the only female who Vince Russo essentially forced into being a wrestler so he could find excuses to put her in gimmick T and A matches.

I knew Meltzer made some of those comments, but hearing them again he sounds like such an elitist douche bag. And I generally love his opinions on most things wrestling. Bruce sounding off on him here was justified.

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