Sometimes bob smiles upon you (1 hour of rage rolling)

So, Gregor decided to get us hyped about trying a rageroll today.

Formup was really strong; we pinged an hour in advance and then right before, and with a little cleverness by Dujek we ended up with about 25 in fleet, including alts. It was a super scary fleet - t3s, command ships, Nitris in a dictor, Jamgus, Kazen in a cap Guardian (with a Bhaalgorn in reserve), and Gregor decided to use his Triage archon for rolling / logi.

We spent about 45 minutes rolling; nothing. A venture once, but we were so organized with fleet warps / scanning / rolling that most of us were able to go semi-afk. I worked a bunch of minecraft stuff in, as I know a few others did!

Devie rolls into a fresh hole and sees Caps, wrecks, Rapier on D-scan; no forcefield. Nitris heads in, in warp, and disconnects. Oreo scrambles an alt dictor, who jumps in; we scramble a bit and comms get a little crazy, Nitris manages to get logged on, and through the noise we hear "BUBBLE UP" - scary fleet rolls in, we start in on them.

Five dreads and two Archons on field; not staggered, and the site was fully escalated.

Nitris gets downed quick.

Our newer bros / alts were formed in Heavy Armor, which meant a couple of Abaddons. They were probably not the best for the situation and got blapped pretty early too.

We also lost a couple of Guardians; presumably the Rapier was able to get a couple of lucky webs off in between jam cycles.

The rapier was well jammed most of the fight; a web did land on Varus at one point and both Moros' got off lucky shots.

Hobo and Varus reshipped into Guardians. Samart ended up trying to help scout our batphone in; WHORE was on the line, and burning for us from 20 jumps in Gilas and Basilisks.

Kazen was headed to reship into the Bhaalgorn, when the Moros' overwhelmed the local tank on Gregor's Archon, and it was lost as the Archon died seconds from reshipping .

In the confusion, one Moros managed to slip away while we were resetting bubbles and points.

We had excellent neuting pressure and it was really well organized; but the caps (and rapier) just weren't breaking. And that's when someone pointed out... that we were in a Wolf-Rayet wormhole (armor bonuses). So, we hunkered down and focused on staying alive while reinforcements came our way. Just as WH0RE showed up, we ended up being able to finally break the first Archon. With the added support from Wh0re, we made relatively quick work of the rest of the caps:

and two juicy pods!

Thanks to our friends at WHORE for the backup and thanks to our Brave WH corp brothers and sisters for heading our way while we held them down.

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