Sometimes I can feel my Libertarianism sliding out of me.

I used to be more lib-leaning, but I still am of the opinion that the government should get out of the business of empathy-- to a degree. I think that too much empathy has the same type of net outcome as zero empathy.

Health and safety are not things governments should be overly concerened with. All we really need are emergency services and national defence.

It (covid) may be novel, but consider all the other diseases and hardships humanity has navigated, further consider how there are no passive forms of population control left because of hippy types or people with souls. All the cures and higher health & living standards and things like that? The modern day is very much a double-edged sword in that way, along with the negative effects of other advancements, technological and social. We've over-ruled nature, and now, to a degree, we will be our own undoing.

Very much as predicted, actually, in "Man and Technics" by Oswald Spengler.

I'm partly thinking that there should have never been masks, vaccines, etc. for this pandemic at all. Call me a sociopath if you want, I really don't care, but why should I care about the world if there are so vastly many people, and why should we allow so much empathy to morph into direct tyranny?

After all, Albert Camus, who lived through WW2, said "The Welfare of the people is always the alibi of tryants".

Of course, in my own context, these poignantly-percolated ponderances definitely have nothing to do with the pandemic...

Anyway. This is why I don't agree with almost anyone.

I feel unwanted or cared about myself in society, and in many ways I cannot identify with much, so I very much wish to live a secluded life. At least I already have agoraphobia.

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