Sometimes I hate these big Youtubers

I made a post about this over a month ago. The gist of my argument is that you often have the top 10% of players being the most vocal and influential with game design changes and for their followers it seems logical because it's backed by statistics and seems to work towards "balance." The problem is the elite players have an agenda to push their particular meta and although they make it seem like they want to help players learn, it's in their best interest to pull others into that meta because they will always be one step ahead - they are after all the ones who advocate for changes!

The reality is that games are about "fun" first (and there have been plenty of fun asymmetrical games) and balance second. It's very good to watch the YouTubers to get their impressions but it's more important to concern yourself with how you play and what you enjoy in the game. To ignore the fact that these guys are making a profit and have a stake in maintaining a viewership is simply naive. Yes, they engage the community, but I'd argue if anything they should be representative of what the community wants and not the other way around.

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