Sometimes it's ok to brag: What is the most selfless thing you've ever done?

For background, I'm a skinny 100lb girl with absolutely no fighting skills.

It was after a work event, late at night, I was somewhat drunk. My male coworker who I had a huge crush on was standing across the street trying to hail a taxi. I was doing the same thing on my side of the street, and no one else from work was around.

I saw a totally random guy, a big white guy with a bro-ish look, go up to my coworker and, seemingly out of nowhere, punch him really hard in the face. I think it was something about them both trying to hail cabs in the same spot. My coworker didn't see it coming, he fell to the ground and was struggling to get up, and when he did the guy punched him again, hard. He was down again, and the situation looked really bad.

So I ran across the street and launched myself right at this random dude, and we both rolled into a ball on the ground. He hadn't seen me coming and was confused AF. I jumped up and made fists and started screaming at him, crazy stuff like "IF YOU'RE GONNA FIGHT HIM YOU'RE GONNA FIGHT ME TOO!" He also jumped up, facing both of us in a fighting stance. But he probably thought I was a complete psycho because after looking at me for a moment he noped out of there immediately, basically vanished into thin air.

My coworker was super embarrassed. He never thanked me, just said I shouldn't have done that because it was dangerous. I was like, "it wasn't that dangerous, he was trying to be macho and wouldn't have hit a girl." We never spoke of it again. I'm still kind of proud of it though (and he's probably still embarrassed by it). Would do it again to protect my crush :)

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