sometimes I wish I never discovered poker..

Idk.. how about.. The constant changing of faces amongst pros over the last 20 years? The fact that if everyone is being honest none of us are winning any substantial amount.. (no one wants to admit their a loser, and there is hundreds of fakers). The fact that pros aren’t even playing with their own $$$ and simply living in Vegas like I do you hear about their “dirty closet debts to almost EVERYONE. The pros that are still around had major sponsorship deals with major sites and got paid a lot! All others.. hmmm where are they? The fact that a lot of these “pros” live with their moms..(obviously not a major site sponsored pro.). The fact that tournament winnings don’t show losses.(that’s for a reason). These guys have played every tournament for the last 20 years of course you’re going to win a few.. idk dude it’s right in your face.. just wake up

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