Son is turning 4 in a couple weeks. Is this the part where it gets easier?

We had that problem with my son (6). He has been sleeping thru the night since he was 3 months old, 12 hrs uninterrupted.

We sat close to his bed at first and slowly moved away, and out of his room. At one point we sat in the hall. After that, we sent him back to bed several times a night. Rinse and repeat.

This method lasted 3 months. Until he got it, us(parents) sleeping on the floor like dogs is not optional.

I have two “high-spirited” children. The middle child is our easiest.

As for the tantrums, we sent our kids to their rooms to cry it out and they’re allowed to come back out once they are all set crying.

It’s not easy, it never goes smoothly but we’re firm. Consistent.

That’s how they learn who’s the boss. They need to be taught respect.

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