Sonia’s dialogue makes me heavily expect Nergal is on the fallen banner

I mean I honestly agree but I feel like IS doesn’t really care about what makes sense. Like Lyon exists but so does FLyon, though you could argue that the route splits mean one is for Ephraim and one is for Eirika. Or FIke who was just on a Cipher card. The Corrins don’t even really lose control that much either, since Azura swoops in with her plotbending powers

It really just feels like half the time, fallen characters are just people who are evil-but-not-really and more so just strong units with purple auras. Like Nemesis totally could have been one, too, but fallen banners are only once a year and they just throw villains around at us in every banner or two as an excuse for a meh-to-decent GHB unit with chill attack

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