Sons and Daughters of Reddit, Have you ever had a parent tell you that they wanted to die? How did you respond?

Ok, sad and fucked up story: My parents divorced when I was four; my sister and I lived with my mother and stepdad, spending most weekend at my father's. He was the kind of father who would buy us lots of stuff and let us watch as much TV as we wanted.
The time between visits grew as we got older and when my sister was 14, she's two years older than me, she stopped visiting alltogether. On my 16th birthday I got a letter from my sister, she had recently moved out of the house, telling me how our father had sexually abused her over the years. I was totally shocked - he was coming to pick me up the next day and even though I did not want to see him, I didn't know how to call him and tell him not to come. I confronted him and he admitted it, said he regretted it, but that he had never had sex with her (which luckily was true as I later learned). I can't tell you how it happened, but I got into the car with him and we drove to his place. On the 30 minutes ride we always listened to CDs I had burned, none of us spoke a word this time. I don't remember what we talked about later, but I do remember that I could not stop thinking about my sister's letter and going through my memories looking for clues of what had happened. Suddenly my entire childhood was something different. I left in the evening and took a train home.
From that day on I only sparringly exchanged emails with my father. My sister did not want to communicate with him at all. Years later, at university I received an email from him, telling me that he was going to move to another state and that he wanted to see me one last time. I didn't really want to, but instead of hating him, I felt only pity. It's strange to say that, but in some ways he had been a good father to me, so I went. We had coffee, he smoked and I smoked a lot.
Then he told me, that he had built a guillotin for himself. He had gotten drunk (usually he did not drink at all) and layed down in it to fall asleep. There was a rope he had tied around his wrist, that would trigger the mechanism if he moved his arm. He told me that he woke up the next morning and the rope had unexplicably been untied and that's when he decided to not kill himself. He said the guillotin was in his bedroom and he seemed eager to show it to me, but I didn't want to see it. I'm not sure if he was proud of what he had built or just wanted to present me with proof of his story.

I've mostly posted bullshit with this account, but unfortunately this story is true.

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