As a soon-to-be P1, what can I do to improve my chances of getting an MSL job after pharmacy school?

MSLs cover territories that probably cover the whole of the United States; there's more in more densely packed areas, and less in the more rural areas- of course- but there's still plenty around you I'm sure.

Best course of action is to build communication skills that are verified and to position yourself as a drug expert. You will be talking to hospital, private practice and even managed care decision makers.

An MSL is there to be able to answer the harder questions. Usually the details about a trial, implications for safety data, and extrapolation based on clinical understanding.

The most important thing, as mentioned, is to know an MSL. Get that experience. When I was in school, I went out on rides with MSLs, account managers, and sales force members. It was the most important experience, and if I didn't hate driving and traveling, it would've been a great transition.

Many pharma companies now have 1-2 year medical affairs fellowships where they expect you to transition to an MSL role, others employ right out of school (rarer, now).

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