Sooooooo.... sell/unsell me on Adventurer, Conqueror, King.

I didn't correct anyone, I rebutted his claim.

That is so blatantly pedantic that I'm not even going pretend it warrants a real response.

to which I replied "plenty of people who believe Z are also Y, so that line of defense does not hold water."

Not a lot of people who, as you said, aren't invested in an argument go out of their way to make corrections in it.

Either way, I agreed with your correction. All I said was "okay but he's not a white nationalist so it doesn't matter" and you said "I didn't say he was" (feel free to correct me if you feel like this is an inaccurate representation of your reply) My point is, that's what the conversation we're having is about. What's your point?

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