Sooooooo.... sell/unsell me on Adventurer, Conqueror, King.

holy shit martyr yourself a little bit more, it's not quite overbearing enough

You're literally the guy saying "nazis can like jews" even though naziism, the belief, is pretty much as much about the racial warfare/jewish trickery conspiracy theory as it is about nationalism and militarism and stuff. Antisemitism is a core fucking belief of naziism. Calling yourself a nazi doesn't make you a nazi, anymore than calling your country a "republic" necessarily makes it one. Those european parties are moderate (by fascist standards, not by sane human being standards) compared to actual nazis, and are just holding onto the name for brand recognition. It's no more a carryover of the old nazi party than the modern IWW is to the original IWW. The original died out, the modern one bears basically no resemblance or ancestry with it's predecessor.

And besides, I never even said your reply was pedantic. I said it was irrelevant if Marcris could be a nazi and/or white nationalist and like isreal at the same time, because he wasn't a nazi or a white nationalist. He just wasn't. He isn't exonerated by some "phony litmus test", he's exonerated by there being literally no evidence that he holds white nationalist views.

I only said all that after I'd noted that I basically agreed with your correction. I just didn't know why you brought it up when it doesn't really matter, and you don't care either way. I guess I understand now. I honestly don't even remember why I was so hostile in the first place.



Sorry, bye

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