Sophomore year looking worse than freshman year somehow.

The cool thing is that it isn’t highschool! There are no more “cliques” and “friend-groups.” As an adult you can have friends with anyone outside your circle and no one gives it a second thought. It sounds like you’re making up reasons why people won’t accept you. I don’t know as much about what guys do, but as a girl I usually just find interesting things to connect with in people. For example, if I see a girl at a party wearing an interesting eyeshadow look, I’ll stop her and talk about the latest makeup products/ application techniques. Opening with a smile and a genuine (not creepy) compliment can only get you into so much trouble. Make sure after you chat for a bit and introduce yourself you get a point of contact like an Instagram or Snapchat. Wait a little while and follow up with the person, and do usual friendship stuff. Since you’re a guy maybe discuss which gyms you prefer in the area, or if you notice a sports team/ band/tv show on their shirt connect with that.

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