[Soranews] Japanese politicians want to set daily limit on how much time kids can spend playing video games

A lot of kids literally don't have those options. When I was a kid and my father said I had to play outside, I just sat outside doing nothing and actually was less physically active than I was while gaming. And once online chatting and gaming existed, staying inside was the only way I could play with other kids/people.

Also this doesn't keep in mind that the stuff that is taking AWAY free time is in fact doing stuff outside with other people/kids. When I had one hour of "Free time" as a kid it's because I got home from school where I was with other kids all day, did homework, ate, did an hour of physical exercise either inside or outside, then took an hour to poop and shower. None of that was free time, I had scheduled exercise and things to do. Then, at 9pm at night, I had an hour of free time before I needed to sleep. So after an entire day of socializing with other people and an hour of physical activity (not including gym class during the day), you say that I shouldn't have been allowed to play video games for that last hour of my day when I finally had free time? All of the other socializing and physical activity wasn't enough?

Not to mention my argument is based on some days in response to someone saying if someone has one hour of free time they shouldn't game. Period. Which means they are saying kids can NEVER play a video game at all if their free time per day is limited, my argument is that there is nothing wrong with a kid that uses twthree days a week to game during their one hour of free time, leaving four-five days to do whatever else they can with their free time.

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