Sorry Epic, I am a working man and I hate the new Limited Time Missions

Can there not be a skin that people who can grind out more missions can have? Why is it a big deal? If you HAVE to have every single limited skin released, then there is more of a problem with you, not Epic. I feel like they want more skins to be more rare. Everyone has every skin and the dont even use them all. It's like, if you play just a day a week you get pretty much all the skins.

Having said that.... YOURE WRONG, there is 7 days to complete that limited time one, and from what I can tell it doesnt give you skins. The others though, are the new "weekly" missions and also even offer a prestige to basically redo those but with harder twists. (Pretty sure there is no time limit on these). I'm already level 15 and haven't even started this weeks prestige. So far it looks like theyve made it even easier to grind out the battlepass and you are arguing for something that isnt even offering skins. You are mad because there is a limited time mission that offers a little bonus xp and a loading screen. Doesnt offer any skins, emotes, not even an alternate for a skin. Literally mad for nothing. Seems like a shitload of other people are also mad for nothing. It doesnt matter if you do the limited time missions, you'll still get all your skins.

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