Sorry if I'm late on this but why didn't Global get this?

Japan didn't get 300 stones for misleading art.

Japan got 300 stones because Kefla's banner said the rates to pull her was 0.00%.. This was even on Japan news site like Yahoo News, and others, it was a very big deal as they were reporting that they were manipulating rates.

Japan got a refund for stones used due to showing Broly Dokkan art. Japan has some of the (if not the strictest) strictest false advertising laws. This is why it was such a big deal, they could have had lawsuits brought for false advertising.

Global gets more orbs, Japan has no "?" in the orb event, they have a bonus team which is 1% chance to spawn, and when you get it, it equals to what Global gets on a run. Japan also only gets either, small only, medium only, or large orbs only, while Global can get a combination of each.

Global having tickets alone is $1,000's worth of stones for free (along with discounts). Global has gotten enough free tickets to equal out those 300 stones, it's actually been more, way more. I'm sure people won't agree but if you go and look when Japan got 300 stones, then see all the free tickets Global got it's crazy.

EZA's, and orb's for babba points are a casulity of Global being behind. Japan launched in February and Global in July, things are always going to be behind.

Global also has cheaper sale stones, and cheaper stones in general, and have a subscription service to for even more stones.

Global all and all has had the better end of the stchick for the last year, sorry with adding everything in, it has. The only real shitty things that have been bad is no LR Broly (and voice), no LR Gohan/Goten (I am not calling them GoBros), and putting all Heroes cards on one singular banner....

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