SoT - new PVE dark relics and PVP reaper's chest content

“The Order of Souls needs your help! Dastardly skeletons have stolen precious artifacts, burying them throughout the Sea of Thieves. The order would like these artifacts returned and is willing to pay handsomely.

Why? Some of these artifacts you may have seen before, but some are entirely new curiosities to behold! These intriguing new pieces are known among the Order as “dark relics”—and each dark relic holds dangerous powers that could be unleashed in unsanctioned rituals.

What sort of unsanctioned rituals? We cannot be sure quite yet, but we’ve gotten a glimpse in the past.

In the Tall Tales, we’ve seen some of what these unsanctioned rituals can precipitate—the good and the bad. We’ve seen Madame Olive perform an unsanctioned ritual for Rose and George, but Rooke and Graymarrow performed rituals far more insidious.

Madame Olive performing Forbidden Ritual Wild Rose The Order of Souls have learned the locations of these stolen artifacts and the skeleton gangs hoarding them through their visions. They have transcribed the information and passed the scrolls onto Duke.

The Order is now depending on us pirates to follow through on these tip-offs and return the dangerous relics before their twisted powers spread through the seas.

Ah, but they are not trusting in the generosity of pirates. No, the Order is offering large sums of gold and the opportunity for more doubloons than any event we’ve seen on the seas. Duke is hoping to sweeten this tempting lure with a few cosmetics.

Then again, we’d probably go on this adventure just to see the rumored dark relics with our own eyes! Let’s set sail!

Start the Dark Relic Voyage Head on over to Duke. You’ll find him in any tavern on any outpost in the Sea of Thieves. The tip-offs will take the form of four brand new voyages that Duke is selling: one for each of the four regions.

Dark Relic Voyage to The WIlds The Dark Relic voyages are comprised of four chapters. Two of the four chapters are Order of Souls quests: you will be going to an island to hunt and kill multiple skeleton captains.

The other two chapters will be an x-marks-the-spot quests, but—instead of digging up chests or gunpowder barrels—you will be digging up treasures the skellies stole! Some will be dark relics. You might even find a “Ritual Skull.” We’ll give you a bit more details on those below!

Completing the new Dark Relic voyage in each of the three original regions will unlock the “Seeking Stolen Power” commendation and title. This will allow you to purchase the brand new cosmetics Duke is offering.

If you’ve been steadily acquiring your mercenary finery, these beauties will complete your Mercenary ship: Mercenary Wheel, Mercenary Capstan and Mercenary Cannons.

Mercenary Wheel Mercenary Capstan Mercenary Cannons You will also be granted 50 doubloons for unlocking the “Seeking Stolen Power” commendation!

On to the voyage!”

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