Soul-wrenching testimony of an elderly Irish man about abuse at the hands of Catholic priests

Organized boycotts, book burnings, congressional hearings on violent videos games etc.

Yeah but none of those examples are what true cancel culture is now. All those examples are from fringed religious groups stinking up the place. Everyone knew they were crazy. Todays cancel culture is Johnny Depp getting pulled from all his projects because of pre-trial testimony from a woman was made public. Information that was incorrect and made up. Depp won his cases but he is forever blackballed from hollywood. Cancel culture is destroying lives and careers. Closing businesses because a single tweet with 0 context can be misconstrued. Some people deserve it but there is so much outrage before the facts come out that innocent people get caught up in it more often than not.

Cancel culture is not some mormons hating on harry potter because they think it promotes satanism.

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