Sounds about right.

Lol this is clearly a distraction from all the shit happening under Biden’s joke of an administration like a gas shortage from the Russian cyber attack, rising gas prices, tanking economy and inflation, border crisis, war in the Middle East again, etc. This country is on the verge of collapse at this rate. The timing isn’t a coincidence. There was no change in “science” from when they recently told us to wear a mask (or two) even if you’re vaccinated and now when they’re saying all vaccinated people can go maskless indoors. Also this is just another tactic to further pressure unvaccinated people into getting the shot because a large number of the population still doesn’t want to get it. I just don’t get how people don’t see through this bullshit. I just watched a video of DeBlasio promoting a new incentive for the vaccine: you get free shake shack if you get vaccinated. I thought I was watching a comedy skit lol like this is real??? Guys they’re literally laughing in our faces cmon now.

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