The US sounds like a truly horrible place to live

1) Medical bills are a real issue and hopefully we will be fixing that soon if Warren, Sanders, Yang are elected. For those with good insurance, medical bills really aren’t that big of a deal as it’s all covered. The problem is the poor or those with bad insurance through their job and royally fucked.

2) AT&T sucks lol but cmon man. There’s governments out there doing way worse to people. Who cares if a company has bad internet service in the grand scheme of things? First world problem.

3) Yep student debt is an issue. My advice is community college for 2 years and then university with a good degree for the last 2. Jeep student debt manageable and with a good degree hopefully job options are good.

4) Minimum wage is probably way higher than most of the world. Also we’re actively raising it in the liberal parts of the country. CA is on its way to $15/hr, double other parts of the country.

5) High taxes I’m not sure. I’m sure there’s good studies comparing the world on this but I don’t care to look it up.

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