Soundtrack track listing [SPOILER HEAVY]

The tracklist is actually a major spoiler. If you read any of the scripts and looked at any of the cast/crews Instragrams, the tracklist matches up nearly perfect:

2.) Paper Boat - Bill making the paper boat for Georgie ***EX: TRAILERS 3.) Georgie, Meet Pennywise - Sewer scene *EX: SCENE PREVIEWED AT ANNABELLE: CREATION 6.) Egg boy - Ben in the library, easter egg trail, headless boy **EX: TRAILERS / SCRIPTS 7.) Beverly - Sink scene OR her introduction to the Losers Club, at the pharmacy **EX: TRAILER / SCRIPTS 8.) Come Join The Clowns, Eds - Leper scene **EX: TRAILER / SCRIPTS 9.) You'll Float, Too - Bill see's Georgie in the basement **EX: TRAILERS 11.) Hocksetter Attack - Patrick's death, in the sewer **EX: SCRIPTS/TRAILER 12.) Haircut - Bev cuts her hair EXAMPLE OF HER WITH LONG HAIR BEFORE CUTTING IT: 13.) Derry History - Ben showing the 'Losers Club' his scrap books **EX: TRAILERS/SCRIPTS 14.) January Embers - Ben writing the poem for Bev *EX: SCRIPTS 15.) Saving Mike - Mike get's jumped, Losers help him, ROCK FIGHT *EX: SCENE SHOWED AT SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON 17.) Slideshow - Garage scene. *EX: TRAILERS 19.) He Didn't Stutter Once - Bill's brave speech to the Losers about going into the Neilbolt house to finallly fight back against 'IT' *EX: SCRIPTS 20.) 29 Neilbolt - Going into the Neilbolt house *EX: TRAILERS / SCRIPTS 21-23.) Confrontations with Pennywise in the Neilbolt house *EX: TRAILERS / SCRIPTS 24.) Return To Neilbolt - The Losers return to finally defeat 'IT' once and for good *EX: TRAILERS / SCRIPTS 25.) Into The Well - The Losers locate 'the well' that bring them to Pennywise's lair *EX: TRAILER 26.) Pennywise's Tower - They find Pennywise's mountain of childrens toys/clothes that once belonged to children he killed EX OF MOUNTAIN OF CHILDRENS BELONGINGS: 29.) Saving Beverly - She's caught in the deadlights. They rescue her. ******EX: TRAILER (HER FLOATING) 30-32.) Pennywise's final attempts to beat the Losers. 35.) Blood Oath - ...... Well, self explanitory. 36.) Kiss - Bill and Bev kiss. EX OF KISS SCENE:

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