Sources: CS:GO's Semmler to join Blizzard as caster

My problem is mostly that he claims that "Settler is the reason ZP isnt in OWL", which we have no evidence for. Then, this was after a long hiatus from having anything to do with overwatch, and he comes back and immediately insults the entire production staff of OWL.

And anyway, his next tweet makes it pretty clear that he also thinks that he would be a better choice for any of these positions, considering that he is an "Expert of the game", which I highly disagree with, considering that his one time casting anything notable he was baked and worthless, and the last time I saw him in comp was back in s5 when he was playing a terrible mercy and couldn't get above masters on it.

I like ZP a lot, and he certainly could fit in into OWL casting. But there's plenty of other opportunities like contenders and any other tournaments, and slasher trying to come back into the Overwatch scene and focusing on this leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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