Sources: Team Heretics acquires the Misfits LEC spot.

I'll grant you our Origen results were a rollercoaster and I will happily take my fair share of the blame (and credit!) for the two years there (Big fan of spring splits...). It became an incredible learning and growing experience in the end and I'm still happy with the rosters I put together there.

I have to say though, it feels a bit unfair to me, my staff, and players to brand the last two years with Misfits as a failure. My main area is the League of Legends team (I'm not in upper management) and has achieved decent results with the 8th-9th budget in the league:

7th Spring 21(tiebreaker loss) 3rd Summer 21(Lost Worlds to Inspired in game 59) 4th Spring 22

Combine that with us winning LFL last year vs peak Kcorp and consistently bringing in good rookies through Academy or straight to LEC is something I am proud of, and I think my staff and players deserve credit for. I also feel we managed to turn a page within the org and have two years without drama and major issues and create a good culture and setup.

I think esports management is often misunderstood due to the lack of accurate information available to the community, so I understand the speculation. It's something I hope to share more context on in the future.

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