South Dakota, 126 years ago

"You've read it the wrong way...".

Typical. Just like how the indians were living the wrong way(until Americans showed them the "right" way).

Some natives don't CARE if their nation is remembered, BY THE SAME PEOPLE WHO KILLED THEM. Imagine if the Nazis were victorious in WW2. Do you think Jewish people would care if the Nazis came and visited their museums, and learned their history? Not in the slightest.

This American pride is almost overwhelming. You're basically saying to him "You don't know what you're talking about. If you don't let American tourists in, then Americans won't remember you fondly". It's not all about what Americans want, or what Americans remember, or what Americans hold important. Some cultures/peoples do not care AT ALL what the country that ended their people, remembers them by.

If I was a Jew, living in Nazi Germany, I also wouldn't care what the Nazis remembered of my history. And I certainly wouldn't feel obliged to give them history lessons, after attempting to exterminate my ethnicity.

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