South Korea and US held a massive military exercise today

I've provided my bona fides which demonstrate the accuracy of my information.

You haven't provided any information whatsoever other than "you're wrong" because "I'm an Air Combat Officer." I know you are smarter than me, so take a quick second to think about this. In the clip with the three KF-16s in tight formation, for example, do you think the lead pilot can make a sudden, abrupt maneuver and expect his wingmen to maintain their position? From what little information I know about formation flying is that lead is restricted to certain bank angles (which I do not know) and smooth inputs. At least that's what the publicly available USAF T-6 manuals state, and in conversation with an F-16 pilot, the formation techniques they learn in the T-6 is maintained up to their F-16 courses. Also think about attack from a SAM. Are the jets free to maneuver defensively without having to worry about a mid-air collision? This is just common sense, dude. Then again, as has been pointed out by others, this video is a demonstration, so the whole discussion is pointless anyway.

Airsofters are notorious for being posers. You can't deny that a lot of milsim Airsoft is based on pretending to be something you aren't.

Backseaters are notorious for being shit-talkers. What's your point? And for the record, yes milsim is based off pretending something that you aren't for fun. We don't go around doing Stolen Valor bullshit. It's a game. And we are only "notorious for being posers" by people like you who judge us based on looks. If our guns and gear were replaced with paintball markers and track suits you wouldn't have anything to say.

I like spending time correcting armchair generals like yourself because you are very self deceptive and it's good for no-body, least of all yourself.

You like spending time correcting people because it makes you feel better about yourself. I'm sure the real combat pilots are looking at our exchange, laughing their asses off at two insecure fellas who can't put their egos aside and just let shit be the way it is.

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