South Park - Language and Censorship [8:36]

Next time try to address the issue at hand instead of insulting the other person. I didn't seek out examples of apathy in the show, because I think there attitude of "both sides are pretty bad" permeates all episode with a somewhat political spin. I would think that this is quite noticeable to anyone that watches the show.

I did read your comment originally but when you replied I forgot that it was you specifically that had already talked about that episode. So I used it because it is a good example of their apathy vis a vis such an important event.

Either case, you dont deserve respect in the reply you get.

The fact you are now trying to avoid me calling you out on your bullshit tells me i hit the nail on the head.

Like i said, prove me wrong.

If you want to reach any sort of new understanding or receive constructive ideas, using this kind of rhetoric is only destructive. So if you want to have an in any way meaningful discussion try to address the points I made in my first and second comments to you.

If you have any comments on my first two comments to you I would suggest that you answer directly to those.

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