A sovereign citizen siting in the wild.

I went 2 years without renewing my tags once.

I don't really have an excuse, I just forgot? Idk. It just wasn't something on my mind.

Cop pulls me over like "wtf? your tags are 2 years expired".

I was like "Oh shit, yeah I guess I gotta get new ones."

And hes like "Alright good, well anyway drive safe"

And that was that.

Took me like 3 weeks before I got that sorted after that because it turned out my registration didn't even exist anymore and I lost the title to my car so I had to get a new one mailed to me before I could get new tags.

It was a pretty paranoid 3 weeks, It felt like I had a super power noticing cops. But I was all good and didn't get pulled over again.

I wouldn't be surprised if I could go like 5+ years with no registration honestly. But obviously no point in trying to pull that off.

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