Sox Don’t win ESPY for Best Team

Holy hell man calm down. You read 2 sentences and went off on how the nation hates the Red Sox because of people like me. Did I ever say I was upset? No. So back the fuck off. Idgaf about the espys. I didnt even know they were on until today. I was only stating one small reason why some people can be upset. And for the record I do think the 2018 teams was one of the greatest teams ever. 2nd most wins all time in a season. Idgaf about the number of games. They beat two 100+ win teams the win the WS, only losing 3 games. They had one of the greatest seasons ever by a player, Mookie (21st best WAR in a single season). So, downvote me like I'm sure you will, my opinion won't change. And dont give me that "homer goggles" bullshit. Probably gonna get suspended for this but whatever. Idk why, but you seriously pissed me off.

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