SpaceX begins accepting $99 preorders for Starlink, with Elon Musk saying the subsidiary will IPO "once we can predict cash flow reasonably well"

Yes. If people already have access to high speed internet via a telecom, they should use that telecom. Starlink isn't meant for people who already have access to good internet. It's for people in underserved areas that have terrible options like Ubiquity antennas or high orbit satellite.

We've had crappy internet where I live for years. We had dial up until 2008, then Hughesnet (1.5Mbps), then a local point to point via Ubiquity Antenna ISP (3Mbps), then they got bought out and we got upgraded to 8Mbps in 2018, and then they upgraded their comcast connection and upped everyone to 15Mbps. This is our only option, so I have little sympathy for people who have/had cable or fiber internet available where they live. It's not for them.

If Starlink is able to handle several cities worth of people without issue, then by all means open it up to everyone. If it can't, then people who have cable/fiber as options shouldn't be allowed on.

None of this would be an issue anyway if the telecoms did what they were supposed to years ago and expanded their reach to rural homes/communities.

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