SpaceX hosted NASA leadership at their Starbase facility in Boca Chica, TX, for an update on Starship, the human landing system that will carry the next American astronauts to the Moon on Artemis III.

Had NASA and the military not been asking for and paying for the research and development needed to get into space, SpaceX and any other "private" sector companies never would have even tried. Private companies exist to make money (for a select few) and would never risk the investment needed to get into space.

BS. How do you then explain people like Goddard? The very first attempts to send something to space where all private, long before the government got involved. This whole "government is the one that does science" is a VERY new thing, you know? For most of history, that wasn't the case, and the private sector took care of it. Think about spaceflight precursor, flight. There were a LOT of people working on it independently around the world, not just the Wright brothers, all of them investing their own money, governments weren't even on the horizon. Go further back. The first transatlantic cables? Entirely private endeavors. The first missions to explore Antarctica? Private. If, back then, the government hadn't gotten into it, the market would've seen the potential for space travel and for the satellite market, and there would've been companies going into it. What prevented that was the government taking over. It's hard to compete with an organization that can literally write the law, and doesn't need to be profitable because it makes more money than anyone else by stealing from the people.

I get it, you're a Musk man, he is almost a god on Earth to you, but he and SpaceX and the other companies are standing on the shoulders of what NASA, the military, and the "legacy" companies did to get us here. Like it or not.

You sound like communist scum.

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