Spain's Air Nostrum has become the first airline to reserve 100-seat helium airships that emit just one tenth of harmful emissions produced by jet planes, their British manufacturer said Wednesday

That’s not possible in that case if that figure is for all possible sources of helium on the planet as that would take into account atmospheric helium

Atmospheric helium isn't a thing. The moment helium enters the atmosphere, it rises into the upper atmosphere where 1) extraction is impossible and 2) it escapes into space. 99.999% of the earth's helium exists at or above 200 km. For reference, the Kármán Line, which is where one officially enters "space," begins at 100 km.

The only helium that exists naturally in earth's atmosphere is created as a byproduct of naturally decaying radioactive material. This process creates 5000 tons per year globally. The global annual consumption of helium is 30,000 tons. Almost

So this is very, very simple. The earth consumes six times as much helium as is naturally created on earth every year. Assume you capture all of it, you are still 25,000 tons in the negative. If you want to capture any atmosphere helium beyond that, you literally have to fly into outer space to scoop it out of low earth orbit.

Fossil fuels aren't a source of helium on Earth. They are the source of helium on Earth. And we don't have 100 years of fossil fuels left.

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