SPD is caused by uncaring, neglectful, intrusive parents right? Do you guys hate that parent? How do you feel about them?

My parents were self-absorbed, emotionally immature, and woefully inequipped for the challenge of raising a child... but I figured that out at an early age, and stopped looking to them for emotional support by age 10 or 12.

I think what really drove me toward schizoid was rejection by peers... never really connecting with any friends or similar-age family members in my teens and early 20s, despite all my best efforts... and then increasingly getting treated as "weird" by peers from mid-20s onward.

Somewhere in my mid-30s I realized that some people just can't connect with others, and I sure seem to be one of them. Eventually I saw it described perfectly on this terrific webpage and since then at least I feel like I know what is different about me.

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