Is this special consideration system disadvantaging me for my honesty?

hey! I could be entirely an idiot (don’t come for me if I am) but I think the special consideration applies to your atar (the amount given to you is determined by the institution you apply to) and that is after all the scores have been calculated.

I do share your pain, was averaging 90s for one and ended up with a 36. Unfortunately I think it has only to do with how your entire cohort performed so special consideration really only affects uni offers (selection rank) not your actual atar. It doesn’t change your study scores, it just gives you a higher selection rank than your atar.

No one ever really finds out how much they are marked up for special consideration unfortunately, unless you are given a guarantee like the Monash guarantee.

I hope this helps, best of luck with your uni offers and don’t be afraid to pick a fight with VTAC

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