Special Event: Taken Hostage

The doton jonin engages the battle, running for one of the clones. What he doesn't know is that he is running towards Dquards real body. Squard takes a bite of his right thumb and puts his blood onto both forearms, then he holds both arms out straight

"Summon Techinque: Kamas"

The tattoos on his forearms disappear and now Squard holds one kama in each hand. Shiro appears behind Squard with lightning speed. The jonin notices that the clone that Shiro is controlling is wielding a katana in his right hand

"Time to try out my new technique! Let's go Shiro!"


Squard begins to channel his chakra into his legs and arms while hold out his kamas, looking like a cross. Shiro holds the katana with both hands. Like some sort of kendo stance. Also Channeling his chakra


Squad begins to rotate horisontally like before inside the barrier while Shiro begins to rotate vertically like a buzzsaw. With the weapons equiped the spins got more reach. The academies floor is getting all torn upp from the spins as they head for the jonin. The jonin tries a jutsu

Jonin: "Earth Release: Earth Shore Return"

*A Wall rises from the ground in front of the jonin. Stopping Squard as he still holds the seal to strengthen the wall. He hears a buzzing sound behind him, looking back he sees Shiros Fang technique heading his way. If he realeses the seal and avoid Shiro, then Squard will hit. Otherwise shiro will hit him. he realeses the jutsu and jumps straight up in the air. Both Shiro and Squard change direction and hits him from each side, one from the front and one from the back. Both landing and relesing their techniques, Shiro transforms back to normal form as the jonin falls to the ground."

"What a loser. He actually made use this much chakra. I guess i should use this technique in special cases. Good job Shiro!"

Shiro: Woof!

Squard seals his kamas onto his forearms as tattoos and puts his katana back on his back as he starts to walk out to look for Oetsu

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