Special Grand Jury Will Convene Monday to Investigate Trump’s Attempt to Overturn Georgia Election

I'm no lawyer so I suppose you could be right. I'll agree that all these things you've listed would certainly help cement the case. But I still don't see how any rational person can interpret that phone call as anything other than intent to illegally change the result of elections,

The way I see it Trump made repeated attempts to overturn the elections based unfounded claims of elections being stolen, he was surrounded by lawyers so he was fully aware of the legal consequences of his actions, and on top of that there's a tape of a phone conversation where he directly asks for something illegal. In such a situation Trump's attorneys could argue he didn't know he was committing a crime, but that would be the akin to arguing that someone caught buying drugs on a street corner didn't know buying drugs was a crime because otherwise he would've worn a ski mask. Technically, it's a valid defense. But no sane person would believe it.

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