Special Report: The Inside Story of Blizzard's Departures and a Company at a Crossroads - IGN

I have been a big Blizzard fan, but in the past few years they were doing so much wrong that I just started to feel bad that i still support them so I slowly started to losing fun playing their games and recently just stopped playing their games all together.

World Of Warcraft was huge at one point, but it seems that for some reason the devs are unable to innovate it enough, they just add more of the same each expansion and the game is slowly dying.

Warcraft 3 Reforged... I dont even want to talk about this.. but they basically lied to us and realesed something that felt more like fan made texture pack and actually removed some features from the original game. They only made the games worse with Reforged and still asked for 30/40 usd for it. Insane.

Overwatch I did not play this game much, but I am really puzzled why they just dont give it bigger updates, the situation around Overwatch 2 is really weird

Hearthstone I played a lot out of this game and only recently stopped playing, Blizzard is just unable to make a meta that feels good, playing this game started to feel like "I am still playing because at one point this game will became fun."

Heroes of the Storm I think this game is awesome, definitely a MOBA I had the most fun playing, shame it was not successfull enough for Blizzard

Looking at the state of those games it makes me wonder where Blizzard puts their resources in the past few years.

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