Speculation post: Thursday edition - February 21, 2019

These are my guesses based on existing tea I read as well as gossip I've listened. Take it for what it is:

  • Vanessa Vanjie Mateo isn't top five, she leaves midway.

  • Ra'jah O'Hara goes further than expected and she lip-syncs four times.

  • There is a returning queen.

  • Soju leaves first.

  • Ariel Versace is an early out.

  • Plastique Tiara is top 6/ top 7. Shines on the runways, flops in the acting challenges.

  • The queens' first challenge involve using material from past queens' garments and make something their own. Scarlet Envy, A'keria Chanel Davenport and Plastique Tiara are top three.

  • The Halloween Ball happens on episode 5 with Yvie Oddly as the winner, Elvira as a guest judge.

  • Ageism in the gay community is a topic of discussion.

  • There's a lot of drama on Season 11. Vanessa acts entitled and often brings up her season 10 sisters, Silky is very shady and passive-aggressive and Scarlet Envy annoys the girls by "acting".

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