Speculations about newly revealed Spriggan member[Discussion]

Sorry Sam! Was out for the past few days.

I asked one of my friends. She was born and raised and still lives in Japan. She confirmed that it is "Rakheido". Here is an attached image of the wiki, which shows the pronunciations http://i.imgur.com/se3Dl0N.png

I'm not going to be mean. I feel tactless for saying this, but I feel sorry for you, at this point, I really do. My conscience feels guilty as well for being so mean. And I am sorry.

But you're "Japanese" friends are wrong. Rei asked one of her Japanese friends, and they also said it is Rakheido.

You were wrong about Mirajane being dead. You were wrong about God Serena being dead. You have so many downvotes, you're below threshold. Honestly man, you've been wrong 100% of the time but I do not give a fuck

Just please, let's say good things to each other and not "debate" anymore from now on or say nothing at all. I don't like being triggered and arguing with you each time we interact. If anything, I'd prefer working towards a frienship.

So please just keep your opinions to yourself around me, please, that is all I ask, thank you.

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