I want to spend 30 minutes a day making the world a more gender equal place. What should I do?

I feel you but there’s still the problem here of women being paid less for working the same position and women are more likely to be sexually assaulted (can’t just say, oh well men are naturally going to prey on them. it’s a problem that should be solved. I know men are sexually assaulted anywhere from 60-90% as frequently though). Still there are ideological problems with things like I don’t know the Bible? You look around and a massive percentage of the US worships the Bible and it’s all about men. I think you have to “check the weather”. When it comes to saving the world, we’ll all be doing a better job of it when we’re all empowered to do it. If you want an army of utilitarians you want that army to be as big as possible. I think women are telling us that there are urgent problems here, and they can’t think about saving the world the same way you do because the urgency of their issues here overwhelm them. Like check your local homeless problem before committing to the narrative of saving the world through international charity.

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