Spin-off: Aggressive blaming of the USA for non-us countries appropriation of US social issues and culture

We are taught, in the US, that we are exceptional. The myth of American exceptionalism, and this OP buys it hook, line, and sinker. Why else would the OP be so freaking upset that the rest of the world doesn't love our popular culture and resents it being foisted on them? I'm sorry, but it's not like media companies (and fast food chains) in the US don't work very, very hard to distribute their crap internationally. I'm very embarrassed by this OP and please don't think all Americans are this self-centered and clueless! Anyway, I am irate and veered off. But I think it's really the fact that we in the US are taught that we are special, our country is special, our government is special, and WE ARE NUMBER ONE, that makes people like this OP so upset that the rest of the world doesn't just adore us and everything we do.

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