Splitting rent when the master bedroom is twice as large as the other rooms and has a full bath

When paying rent with room mates, the most fair and equitable situation is to determine the dollar per sq.ft (rent / sq.ft) and make the per individual rent based on: ( private square footage + (common square footage / occupants) ) * dollar per sq.ft.

With that said, it sounds like the three of you already had a standing verbal agreement to split equally 3 ways, but now that you're seeing one of you will get a bigger living space, you're choosing to renege on it.

If a contract or lease has already been signed, you should man-up and adhere to the previous verbal agreement with the understanding that when the contract or lease is up for renewal, a more equitable agreement is reached. You should also likely get this in writing.

If you choose not to honor the previous standing verbal agreement, the solution of letting someone else willing to pay extra is also fair, but at the expense of reneging on a gentleman's agreement and there could be a very tiny justification for spoiling a friendship.

I think anyone that actually let this spoil a friendship could be a huge red flag, but definitely within their rights.

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