[Spoiler] Co Main Event loser has been discharged from the hospital

Saying “you don’t even understand what I’m saying” is not making fun of someone for not speaking English. She said that in response to weili’s comeback that had nothing to do with anything she was saying.

She didn’t make fun of people dying from Coronavirus. She reposted a meme in her story which she realized was completely dumb and insensitive and removed it.

Go ahead and make fun of her. I’m sure she’ll be absolutely shook by what a random redditor has to say.

So many justice boner mma fans that get so out of pocket whenever a fighter like Joanna or cejudo doesn’t fit their “be humble and soft spoken” mold. You’re the perfect example. Your opinion is Joanna needs to be humbled so you don’t see the hypocrisy of being a total piece of shit and making fun of injuries sustained from putting up one half of the greatest woman’s mma match we’ve ever seen.

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